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There are currently no matches in your event. If this problem persists, please alert the scouting admins.

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How to use Devil Scouting

Click "Start Match" to start the match and begin scouting (Note: Your team number will appear next to the clock once you start the match.)
Press "Cancel" to go back to the home page (Note: once you start scouting you can not go back to the home page until you finish or undo starting the match.)
Pressing certain buttons will bring up a birds eye view of the field. When this happens click or tap where the action occurred on the field. (Note: Some buttons will be highlighted in green for around one second after being pressed. During this time, pressing the button again will do the action in the same place again. for example, if your team picked up two cargo, you would press the ground pickup button twice, the first time you would pick where they picked up the cargo, the second time the button would be highlighted in green and pressing it would simply set the location of the pickup to the same spot as the first pickup.)

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Devil Scouting v4.0.4
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The maximum number of scouters for this match has been reached. If this continues to be a problem, or you are supposed to scout this match, please alert the scouting admins.

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